Base Leader

Ben was born and raised in the U.K., he did his DTS in 2009 at the YWAM base in Namibia. Ben came to staff at the YWAM base in Durban later that year. It was in Durban that he met his wife, Kirsten, they have a beautiful baby girl called Eilidh-Jane. Ben has a passion for the poor, youth work, discipleship and leadership. His personal interests include a love of good food and coffee!

Base Leader, Hooked in Africa

Kirsten did her DTS in Australia backpacking through Queensland and the Outback. God called her to come and staff in Durban early in 2009. Kirsten has a passion for the written word and loves to write. God is currently teaching Kirsten how to use literacy to advance the Gospel in all kinds of different ways. She has written several books and is currently working on more! She also loves teaching and is exploring how to bring these two passions together. Kirsten currently manages a reading club in Burlington Township and is involved in a women's ministry there too. She got married to Ben in 2011, they have a beautiful daughter Eilidh-Jane, they love Africa, and love to travel as a family.

Chibwe Philip Bliss


Chibwe Philip Bliss was born and raised in Zambia. Philip completed his DTS in 2010 at the YWAM base in Lusaka, Zambia. After his DTS he staffed at YWAM Lusaka focusing primarily on prison ministry, evangelism and soccer ministry with young people. In 2018 he completed his School of Biblical Studies (SBS) through YWAM Muizenberg. After his SBS he felt God calling him to serve at YWAM Durban. Philip is part of our training staff as he is passionate about journeying with people. His heart is to walk with people and help them experience God's heart for them, as revealed in scripture. In his spare time Philip enjoys studying the Bible, hiking, listening to Gospel music and making people laugh!

Media & Creative Arts

Chloe is from the United States and was born in Buffalo, New York. She completed two years of Bible College through Elim Bible Institute and completed her degree in Religion & Philosophy through Regent University. Chloe completed her D.T.S. with YWAM Durban. She came back to YWAM Durban as a staff member in April 2012. Chloe is passionate about seeing people reconciled with the Father, themselves and others. She enjoys photography, music and drawing. Chloe loves swimming, running in the rain, surfing and watching documentaries.

Training and Passport

Erika Petro Goeda was born in South Africa. She completed her DTS with YWAM Worcester in 1994. After DTS she staffed at YWAM Worcester focusing on hospitality and DTS staff. From 1998-1999 she was part of African Breeze, a cultural expression team, which is a ministry of YWAM in Johannesburg. From 2000-2002 she worked with YWAM in New Zealand. Erika eventually came back to South Africa and served at the YWAM base in Durban for six years. While working with YWAM Durban she lead a ministry called Avulekile Afrika, which means "Open Heaven over Africa." She also helped lead several DTS's during that time. She has come back to YWAM Durban after serving a church in Brazil and Dignity Centre in Durban.


Erika's heart is so see youth of all nations, tribes, and tongues expressing their worship to the one and only God in their unique way. She believers that the arts serve as a universal language which crosses borders, generations, and languages. She is passionate about dancing, gardening, and singing. She also loves herbal tea (taken without milk and sugar), running, and watching series.

Evangelism, Maintenance, Visiting Teams

Jacques was born in Newcastle, South Africa. He felt a strong call to full-time missions in 2012, so he immediately went to do his DTS through YWAM Durban. Since the completion of his DTS, he continued to do full-time missions in partnership with various other missions organisations and churches. He is also studying part-time to get his Bachelors of Theology through the South African Theological Seminary (SATS). Jacques married, Jonique in December 2017, as a couple they felt called to serve at YWAM Durban. Jacques is committed to his calling towards missions. He is passionate about God, his wonderful wife and people. He also loves a good cup of coffee, watching series with his wife, working with his hands, motorbikes, surfing and meeting new people.

Hospitality, Visiting Teams

Jonique was born and raised in Newcastle, South Africa. She did the Nation Builders DTS in 2012 with YWAM Worcester. She completed her Degree in Social Science through the Institute of Christian Psychology in 2017. She is currently doing her diploma in Photography to develop her personal skills and creativity. Jonique and her husband, Jacques, moved from George to staff at YWAM Durban in January 2018. Jonique has a passion for young women, counseling, psychology and writing. She has a heart to reach out to people who need emotional healing and helping them overcome and grow from their brokenness. Jonique enjoys spending time with her husband, singing spontaneously, watching series, décor, craft projects, walks in nature, bike riding, swimming on tubes and she also has a deep appreciation for flowers.

Media & Creative Arts, Reading Club, Hooked in Africa

Julia was born and raised in Vancouver, Canada. She came to YWAM Durban in 2016, right out of high school, for her DTS. After her DTS she stayed for an internship with base. During her internship she was called by God to come back and serve in Durban. She began staffing in September 2017. To prepare for her calling she completed a Leadership Training School (LTS) through YWAM Muizenberg. Julia’s heart is to see people know the Father heart of God and understanding their original design. Her passion is to see this happen through musical worship, photography, videography, through our Reading Club, and with Hooked in Africa. She is passionate about seeing transformation with children, youth and families. In her spare time she can be found outside - hiking, exploring nature and the city, or enjoying any kind of art.

Finances, Operation Joseph

Lysias is a Zimbabwean by both birth and descent. He is married to Tanyala and they have two children, Deborah and Genius. In 1995 Lysias joined YWAM Bulawayo in Zimbabwe to do a DTS and continued working with YWAM until April 2001 when he got married. During his tenure at YWAM Bulawayo, Lysias staffed two DTS schools, co-led a Mission Bridge School (MBS) and led two MBS schools. In December 1999, he left Zimbabwe for three months to do a Leadership Training School (LTS) with YWAM in New Zealand before coming back to YWAM Bulawayo. After his marriage in April 2001, he left YWAM Bulawayo and spent time working with a local church in Bulawayo for four years. Lysias re-entered YWAM circles in 2006 when he came to do Bible School For The Nations (BSN) in Durban South Africa. Currently, he is serving the Lord under YWAM Durban. Lysias' passion is in the domain of civil government. 

Tanyala Muzama​

Burlington Township & Reading Club

Tanyala Muzama is from Zimbabwe, is married to Lysias and they have two children, Deborah and Genius. Tanyala is currently working in the Burlington Community. A passionate woman of God, Tanyala loves prayer and intercession and hearing the voice of God.

Timia Anushca Windvogel

Admin & Hospitality

Timia was born and raised in Plettenberg Bay, South Africa. In 2018 she came to YWAM Durban to do a youth camp, "Passport," after which she came back that same year to do her DTS. It was during her DTS that God called her to return to Durban and serve the base. Timia is an avid reader of Jane Austen's classics; takes great delight in writing poetry and is an excessive tea drinker. She loves working with little children and her desire is to make a Godly impact in people's lives through poetry and writing.

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