Are you passionate about writing or photography?

Do you want to explore these skills within the context of missions? Join us as together we

seek God and learn how to use these gifts to glorify His name among the nations!

Postponed until 2021 

That's right - you have a whole year to tell your friends about this awesome school!

* Please Note

Cost of the DTS Lecture Phase is:

Zone 1 R19,500 (North America, Most European Nations, Australia, South Korea, Japan, Singapore, Israel, New Zealand) 

Zone 2 R15,500 (South Africa*, Botswana, South America, Russia) 

Zone 3 R12,500 (Most African Nations, Most South East Asian Nations, Most middle eastern nations, Central Asia, India)


Cost for the Outreach Phase varies due to location,

each student is personally responsible for their outreach fees.

Therefore, we advise students budget +/- R20000 - R35000 to cover outreach costs.

*Bursaries available for South African's depending on individual situations 

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