Due to Covid-19 this school will be offered online this year! The DBS is a second-level school. Completion of a YWAM DTS is a prerequisite. It is a unique Bible school with an emphasis on learning orally, studying in community and seeing the big story of the Bible.

During your DBS you will read all 66 books, understand the chronology of biblical events, grasp their historical context and recognize their literary genres. You will discover how the stories of the Bible are part of one great story that fits together to reveal the amazing God who inspired it.


Inclusive Cost for the DBS

Zone 1 - R22 000

Zone 2 - R17 500

Zone 3 - R15 000

DBS Online Costs

Zone 1 - R3 250

Zone 2 - R2 800

Zone 3 - R2 250


July 1, 2020 - Sept 25, 2020



We are very excited to be hosting Janice Rogers as the speaker for this Seminar! Janice is Loren Cunningham's sister and the co-writer of his books, including "Is that Really You God?" Janice has a wealth of experience and skill and we believe that she will bring a significant impartation to all writers of different skill levels and styles. The seminar will run over two weeks with the option of attending one or both of the weeks.The first week is entitled the 'Foundations of Writing' which will focus on how to turn a real life event or fiction into an inspiring story that will grab hold of the reader's imagination. The second week is entitled 'Thematic Writing'. Thematic writing is used to write books that inspire and persuade. This week will teach you how to communicate your ideas logically, with clarity and persuasion. During this week you will also begin to learn how to self-edit your work. 

*Due to Covid-19 this will be

offered online



This seminar will include input from a variety of photographers. Incorporated in this week will be discussions and teachings around how to use photography as a tool in missions, how to use photography to tell people's stories and some practical tools on the different styles of photography. The seminar is open to anyone who is interested in Photography or wanting to learn more about this art form. Sessions will be from 9:00 - 1:00 with the possibility of a few evening sessions. Accommodation and catering are available at an additional cost. Costs and more details will be released soon!

*Due to Covid-19 this will be

offered online



Are you passionate about writing or photography?

Do you want to explore these skills within the context of missions? Join us as together we

seek God and learn how to use these gifts to glorify His name among the nations!

Postponed until 2021 

That's right - you have a whole year to tell your friends about this awesome school!



A six week course accredited with the University of the Nations, however you don’t need to have done a DTS to do the workshop. This course will give you tools to strengthen and equip you to better understand and work with children living in difficult circumstances. Whether you are a Sunday school teacher, a primary school teacher, are working with children or desire to work with children, this course is for you!

Cost of the Workshop

Zone 1 - R1,600.00

Zone 2 - R1,400.00

Zone 3 - R1,200.00

Next one to be held in April 2021


* Please Note

Cost of the DTS Lecture Phase is:

Zone 1 R19,500 (North America, Most European Nations, Australia, South Korea, Japan, Singapore, Israel, New Zealand) 

Zone 2 R15,500 (South Africa*, Botswana, South America, Russia) 

Zone 3 R12,500 (Most African Nations, Most South East Asian Nations, Most middle eastern nations, Central Asia, India)


Cost for the Outreach Phase varies due to location,

each student is personally responsible for their outreach fees.

Therefore, we advise students budget +/- R20000 - R35000 to cover outreach costs.

*Bursaries available for South African's depending on individual situations 

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