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Discipleship Bible School 2024

In this follow-up to the Discipleship Training School, the 3-month Discipleship Bible School offers a comprehensive journey from Genesis to Revelation. Throughout your DBS, you will gain lifelong tools for effective Bible study. This is an opportunity to transform your understanding of the Bible and illuminate your life with its truths.

A community of passionate Christ-followers awaits you!

Apply today to complete your DBS at YWAM Durban.

Why do a DBS?
During your DBS, you'll learn from dynamic teachers and study alongside a passionate community. You will trace the chronology of Biblical events, gain a deeper understanding of each book in its historical context, recognize the harmony between the books, comprehend their purposes, and grasp their main ideas. These foundational elements will equip and strengthen you for life.
Discover the Word of God

Explore the historical context of the Bible and learn how to apply its timeless principles to your own life. Each week of the school is dedicated to a different time period, unfolding chronologically from the creation of the world to John's revelation of Jesus' second coming. This structured approach provides a deep, continuous understanding of the Bible's narrative and its relevance today.

Topics of the DBS

Topics for the DBS include Worldview and Origins - The Pentateuch - The Tribal Era - The Life of David - The Kings of Israel - The Early Prophets - The Late Prophets - Postexilic and Intertestamental - Jesus and the Church - Paul - John

Dates and Cost

September 16 - December 6, 2024

Inclusive cost for 2024's DBS, listed in South African Rand:

Zone 1 - R31 000

Zone 2 - R22 000

Zone 3 - R19 000

*Please note, this training course is non SAQA accredited. *

Category Breakdown

Zone 1 - North American, Most European Nations, Australia, South Korea, Japan, Singapore, Israel, New Zealand 

Zone 2 - South Africa*, Botswana, South America, Russia

Zone 3 - Most African Nations, Most Southeast Asian Nations, Most Middle Eastern Nations, Central Asia, India

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