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Ministry Opportunities
Reading Club
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Several times a week, we create a nurturing space specifically designed for the children in our community to enhance their reading abilities and foster a deep appreciation for literature. Through interactive reading sessions, engaging storytelling, and hands-on activities, we aim to cultivate both fundamental reading skills and a lifelong passion for the written word among young learners. This initiative not only supports academic growth but also encourages imaginative thinking, a profound connection to storytelling, and integrates elements of the Gospel, enriching their spiritual understanding alongside their educational development.

Youth Camps

Our mission is to provide a dynamic platform where young people can encounter Jesus and be inspired to make a meaningful impact in their community. We host camps specifically during school holidays, targeting youth aged 13 to 18. These camps not only offer spiritual growth through engaging experiences with the teachings of Jesus but also foster leadership and community service skills, empowering participants to become agents of change in their surroundings

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Sharing Your Faith

We are driven by the conviction that Jesus deserves the reward of His suffering! Passionately committed to spreading the Gospel of Jesus Christ throughout Durban, we invite you to join us in this vital mission. Together, let's bring His message of hope and redemption to every corner of our city!

Prayer and Intercession

As a community committed to prayer and intercession, we embrace Walter Wink's belief that "history belongs to the intercessors." To further this dedication, we are excited to be establishing a 24-hour prayer room. This dedicated space will serve as a spiritual hub, empowering our community to continuously seek God's guidance and intervention. It will be a launch pad for missions, not only within the city of Durban but also extending to nations beyond, as we aim to bring transformation and hope through prayerful action. Join us in shaping history through prayer!

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When we first settled into our property in 2017, we sensed that it was destined to be a place of healing and refreshment. Over the years, this vision has been continually affirmed by the Holy Spirit. We now offer retreats for both teams and individuals who are seeking to deepen their relationship with the Father and to be moulded into the likeness of His Son. These retreats provide a peaceful environment for spiritual growth and personal transformation.

Home Based Care

After several years of collaboration with numerous women in the community, these dedicated ladies have been empowered to offer home-based care. They now provide essential support to those who are unable to visit a doctor for medication, significantly improving healthcare accessibility within their community. This initiative not only enhances the well-being of individuals in need but also fosters a sense of solidarity and empowerment among the caregivers, who have become pivotal in strengthening community health networks.

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Ministries we Partner With

There are many ministries working within the Durban area. Some of the ministries we partner with include Children of Destiny at Home (CODAH), Dignity Centre, LIV Village, One Heart and many more! We also partner with local churches such as Sarepta Church, House of Prayer and One City Pinetown. 

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