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Gourmet Meal
The Table DTS

The Table DTS is focused on learning and living in the way of Jesus and sharing faith. This school is centered around the table of fellowship, hospitality, community and communion.

“Come to the table, know the Father, go tell others there's a seat for them here.”

Discipleship Training School

A discipleship training school is a 5 month live-learn program focused on learning by doing. There is a 12 week lecture phase which is followed by an 8 week outreach! The purpose of the DTS is to first Know God and then Make Him Known!

Cost of the Discipleship Training School

Cost of the DTS Lecture Phase Varies by Location

Zone 1 - North American, Most European Nations, Australia, South Korea, Japan, Singapore, Israel, New Zealand 

Zone 2 - South Africa*, Botswana, South America, Russia

Zone 3 - Most African Nations, Most Southeast Asian Nations, Most Middle Eastern Nations, Central Asia, India


Cost for the Outreach Phase Varies Due to Location

Each student is personally responsible for their outreach fees. Therefore we advise students budget +/- R20000 - R35000 to cover outreach costs. 

* Bursaries available for South Africans depending on individual situations.

* Please Note: This Training Course is non SAQA Accredited *  

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